Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers of several possible questions, that might help you to better understand the VICS Punjab Program

The Government of Punjab, in partnership with Opus Inspection (Pvt) Ltd, has established a modern Vehicle Inspection and Certification System (VICS) in Punjab. The VICS network is comprised of 39 testing centers throughout Punjab that are constructed and operated by Opus Inspection. The network of stations utilizes the latest testing technology, software, and data management systems to inspect and certify the fitness of vehicles in Punjab. The automated system meets all international standards and the technology is the same as that used in Europe and the USA.

Air pollution is a serious health risk to citizen of Pakistan. And pollution from vehicles accounts for around 50% of the pollution in the air. The World Health Organization ranks Pakistan and one of the 10 worst countries for air pollution. Similarly, tens of thousands of Pakistanis are injured or killed on the nation’s roads and highways every year. Many vehicles on the roads are not in good condition and are in need of repair. These carry goods and passengers in unsafe conditions.
The goal of the program is to reduce motor vehicle pollution and improve safety by requiring that vehicles meet certain safety and emission standards on the road. This will improve the air quality for people and reduce death and injury due to motor vehicle accidents.

As per the Punjab Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965 and Motor Vehicle Rule 1969, all Types of Public Service Vehicles (Heavy Duty, Light Duty and Rickshaws)registered in Punjab and operating in Punjab should obtain Fitness Certificate from a VICS station every six (6) months. Vehicles that do not get the inspection will be penalized by authorities, denied a route permit and will not be allowed to pay token tax.Newvehicles are required to obtain a fitness certificate prior to the initial registration of the vehicle. After that, the new vehicle is exempt from testing for the first 2 years of operation.

Almost all types of heavy transport and light transport public service vehicles need to get inspected. This includes trucks, taxis, Rickshaws, busses, delivery vans, lorries, mini busses, and motorcycle Rickshaws.

Fee Structure
Fee for first time registration and fitness inspection (one time) Fee Structure (PKR)
1 HTV & LTV vehicles 1819
2 Delivery vans 1212
3 Motor Cars, taxi, rickshaw, motorcycle rickshaws 1212
Renewal Fee (After every 06 months)
1 Heavy transport vehicles 911
2 Light transport vehicles 911
3 For delivery vans 758
4 For motor cars, taxi, rickshaws, motorcycles rickshaws. 758

Opus Inspection has planned to build 39 stations throughout Punjab by the name of VICS (Vehicle inspection and certification system) Station.The stations will be a mix of fixed type and mobile van based stations. There will be three major stations in Lahore while Rawalpindi will have two. All the other 34 districts of Punjab will have one VICS station each.

Any vehicle owner can get an appointment by calling the VICS customer service center, UAN 042-111-678-711. Appointments can be made through this website by clicking appointment tab.

We highly encourage customers to make prior appointments for a test, but if someone drives in without any prior appointment, he will be accommodated as per the availability of time. Non-appointment customers may have to wait longer for the test.

The vehicle to be inspected should have the following before coming for inspection:
1. Proper documentation e.g Original Registration Book/Documents of the Vehicle.
2. CNIC of the driver, driving license of the driver,
3. Inspection Fee in Cash
4. The vehicle should be unloaded with any passenger or cargo.
5. Vehicle’s physical condition should be without any fluid leaks, loose and hanging parts or wires.
6. For the long vehicles, especially tandem or double length carriers, the cargo trailer(s) should be detached.

Vehicles that fail will need to be repaired and returned for additional testing before a fitness certificate can be issued. The first re-test is free, subsequent re-tests, due to improper repairs are chargeable as shown below.

Opus Inspection is one of the largest vehicle inspection companies in the world having more than 30 years’ experience testing vehicles. Global presence in multiple markets, USA, EU, South America. Leading edge technology and processes. Completely automated testing system. Opus Inspection, in partnership with the Government of Punjab, has established a new Vehicle Inspection and Certification System (VICS) in Punjab.

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