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Health and Safety, It’s Not an Option – It’s the Law

Revised Veiw of Station on PUNJAB

All commercial vehicle owners can make an appointment for their vehicle’s test by calling VICS Customer Service Center:

UAN 042-111-678-711

A Revolutionary Step by the Government of Punjab

Under special instructions of Chief Minister, Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, the Government of Punjab, in collaboration with Opus Inspection, has taken a revolutionary step towards road safety & clean air whereby all public service vehicles will be inspected and given fitness certificates through latest computerized technology.

According to this system:

1.  In the initial stage, a fitness certificate will be granted to all Lahore registered Rickshaws, Taxis, Busses, Vans and Trucks after a thorough inspection.

2.  Owners of unfit vehicles will need to get their vehicles repaired within time period of 2 weeks.

3.  Inspection will only remain valid for 6 months.

Latest Updates Regarding VICS Punjab

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